how to install domelight

194 canbus led can be used as a dome light. To mount dome light, we should know where they are. Dome light situated on the roofing in the middle of the auto. It will turn on instantly when a door is opened, on the various other hand, it could function as a caution that you’ve got an open door.

Retrofit the dome lights, some tools you have to prepare initially— a flat device such as a flat screwdriver. Eliminate the light cover with a level device. The cover will pop off quickly.


After removing the lamp cover, eliminate the factory light bulbs with the led bulbs. Since the led light bulb is polar delicate, if the led light bulb does not illuminate, you can reverse the light bulb in 180 levels and also try again, it will light up.

When the led bulb are entirely set up, then put the lamp cover back. It coincides action for the opposite side. The steps are very easy to update.

It is an excellent comparison in between led light bulbs and also manufacturing facility light bulbs with a big color difference. It even a brighter and also at an evening time with the led bulbs.

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